What's New May 2022

Documentation Suite

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the highest quality legal documents and processes, we have made updates to the way Consent Forms are used across the platform.

Pre-registration consent forms

  • Pre-registration consent forms are now available for use on all company registration documents to ensure due process is followed when registering a company.
  • The following consent forms are available for download and use:
    • Consent to act as a Director
    • Consent to act as a Secretary
    • Consent to act as a Public Officer
    • Consent to be a Member and Hold Shares
    • Consent of Occupier for Registered Office
  • A new disclaimer has been added to ensure appropriate consent has been obtained from the relevant parties before you lodge any registration documents with ASIC.

General Enhancements

  • On Dividend Statement, the help tip for selecting tax rates has been updated so that current and future year tax rates appear under the label “2021-22 and Future Years”.
  • GreatSoft integration has been updated so that contact information syncs to the Individual entity in GreatSoft. You can now pull data from Individuals from GreatSoft when preparing forms in NowInfinity.
  • If a user changes the Director ID via a Trust profile and the corporate trustee is in the list of active companies in Corporate Messenger, any changes made will now automatically flow through to the entity in Corporate Messenger.
  • An issue with the wrong post billpay code when remerging the annual statement has been resolved.
  • SMSF Establishment with Corporate Trustee (for more than 2 member funds) - a issue where the director ID field was not showing has been fixed. The field will now show automatically without the need to change the Officer Role in the interview form.
  • Update for an email address, preferred name and mobile number via the Officers page in Corporate Messenger will now automatically flow through in the Contact Information section (main profile page) if the officeholder is also the Signing or Billing contact.
  • An issue with the middle name of individuals missing from the Business Name Registration document has been fixed.
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