What's New April 2022

New Releases

Director ID

To support you and your clients with the new Director ID regime and the transitional arrangements in place, we have made the following updates to Corporate Messenger this month:

  • Add Director ID fields to interview forms and Profiles where Corporate Trustees are present
  • Ensure that Director ID functionality works where Sequentials functionality is enabled on company profiles

Corporate Messenger

  • Form 484 B3 now incorporates a new Constitutional Upgrade template from DGF Morgan & Associates. Accompanying minutes have been updated to now include Special Resolution of Member and Consent of Variation Rights.
  • Form 484 C1 also supports additional share classes (I class to Z class shares now supported).

Aha! Feedback Portal

Aha! provides a platform for you to voice your feedback, enabling you to submit your own requests and ideas, as well as vote and comment on other customers' ideas. The platform also allows us to be completely transparent and open with you about where we're taking our product, and it allows us to truly listen to what you have to say.

We'd love for you to come and take a look around, and maybe even suggest some ideas for us. To do this, you will have to nominate one NowInfinity user from your business.
Click here to get started with Aha!

General Enhancements

  • Based on your feedback we have added additional categories to the list of data to export for companies in Corporate Messenger. You will now be able to export the Company URL ID as well as the Date of Appointment for each officer.  

  • Form 484 has been amended to better support Public Companies
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