What's New February 2022

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Corporate Messenger

Director ID

To support you and your clients with the new Director ID regime and the transitional arrangements in place, we have made the following updates to Corporate Messenger this month:

  • New System Pins have been added to the Companies page to help you identify companies where a Director or Alternate Director is missing their Director ID.
  • Director IDs entered into the system will now be verified to ensure it is a valid 15 digit director ID.
  • You can now enter/update director IDs using the Bundle Change feature.

General Enhancements

  • We fixed an issue where some users were unable to open Trust profile in Trust Register
  • We made some changes to ensure the Company profile is added to Corporate Messenger after the successful lodgement of Form 362 and RA71.
  • A name formatting issue was fixed where a director is also the appointed signatory for a corporate shareholder.
  • We updated postcodes for some suburbs - where the postcode didn't correctly match the suburb.
  • We fixed an issue where members details were duplicated on the SMSF Change of Trustee form.
  • An incorrect variation clause will no longer appear on the fund profile after the deed of variation was marked signed.
  • We fixed an issue where some users were unable to complete Form 484 A2 without the name of the Alternate Director.
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