What's New December 2021

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Corporate Messenger

Dividend Statements

We are busy making updates to Corporate Messenger's share registry capabilities starting with some updates to Dividend Statements.

We have replaced the small business entitlement question with a Company tax rate selector, providing users flexibility to select the most appropriate tax rate - applicable to the year the dividend was paid. This removes some of the pain points where users are manually editing statements to fix the calculation for a dividend paid for a prior financial year. To help with this change we have added a helpful tooltip to guide users in selecting the appropriate tax rate.

Director ID

To support you and your clients with the new Director ID regime and the transitional arrangements in place, we have made the following updates to the platform this month:

  • You can now export more data for officeholders including Director ID and email address using the "Export to Excel" feature from the Companies screen. This will allow you to get a full list of officeholders and the companies they are connected to, to help identify officeholders that still need to be contacted to inform them of the new Director ID regime.
  • A Director ID information pack will now be included for the following documents completed on the platform. This is intended to provide helpful information to officeholders to help them educate on their director obligations under the new regime.
    • Standard Company

    • Special Purpose Company

    • SMSF Establishment for Special Purpose Company

    • Public company

    • ASIC Forms 484B2, 484B12 & 484E


Corporate Messenger

  • We have fixed an issue where some users were unable to edit the interview form for Form 484 Change of Address if it was created via Form 362.
  • Form 484s will no longer be rejected where you have an officeholder with a short middle name.
  • We fixed an issue where users were having trouble opening Form 484 and getting an error "Order not Found".
  • Resignation letter will now appear correctly in the text box when using Form 484E.
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