What's New November 2021

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Director ID

As of 1 November, individuals who are currently a director (including alternate directors) or will be acting as a director in the future must apply for a Director ID based on the transitional arrangements specified by the Australian Business Registry Services (ABRS). Individuals will need to complete a Director ID application via the ABRS Website to receive a Director ID. For more information on the Director ID regime please check out our FAQs page.

To support you and your clients during this transitional period we are making a number of updates to the platform starting with adding a Director ID field to store and maintain Director IDs on the platform.

  • Director IDs can now be added to the platform via the Company Registration order form, making it easy for you to store Director IDs for newly appointed or existing directors at the time you register a new company. This field will remain optional during the transition period.
  • Forms 484B2, 484B12 and 484E will also allow you to add Director IDs to the platform when appointing directors.
  • A new Director ID field has been added to the Company Profile - so that you have a place to update & store Director IDs for an existing director.
  • Note - At present, there is no database that has been made accessible to any parties including service providers by the ABRS. Effectively directors will need to apply for a Director ID themselves and it would be at their discretion to provide this number to you.

NowInfinity & GreatSoft integration

Exciting new updates for the NowInfity integration with GreatSoft. These updates will enable better sharing of data between the two platforms and reduce re-entry of data to deliver significant time savings for practices using GreatSoft for their practice management needs. Following this update you will be able to:

  • Add new companies to GreatSoft once their registration has been completed NowInfinity.
  • Open the Company's GreatSoft profile from NowInfinity once the entity has been linked GreatSoft - making it easier for you to navigate between the two applications.
  • Updates to the data comparison report in the Notification Centre to ensure any difference between GreatSoft company list and the company list in Corporate Messenger are highlighted for you to action. You will also be able to take appropriate action from the Notification Centre to resolve these differences.

Documentation Suite

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the highest quality legal documents and expanding our legal capabilities to meet the demands of our fast-growing client base, we have made further updates to the following documents:

  • Standard Company - the share certificates have been updated to include a new boilerplate signature section.
  • ASIC Issue and Transfer of Shares - Standard Company - the share certificates have been updated to include a new boilerplate signature section.



  • The Daily Summary settings have been updated to ensure you don't miss important updates for failed emails. Updates for failed emails will remain enabled and you will now receive an email at the same frequency set on the setting. You will no longer be able to disable the reminder setting for failed emails.
  • ABN applications now better pre-fill from information already entered on entity order forms.

Corporate Messenger

  • A late fee message will no longer show for forms that are lodged the same day as the lodgement deadline.
  • We have added a notification to update you that a company has been removed from the list of active companies in Corporate Messenger.
  • Additional directors can now sign the share certificate for Form 484.
  • The correct account manager will now be set when generating Form 362 once a company has been registered via Documentation Suite.
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