Document Subscription FAQs

Class has released a new subscription option for NowInfinity, for Documentation Suite documents only. You can choose to use the subscription independently for documents only, or together with the Per Entity/Corporate Messenger subscription.  

Please see below FAQs. For further queries please contact our Account Management Team at


What are the new subscription options?

The number of documents included are for a 12 month period:

Can I have a subscription with more than 200 documents? 

Please contact our Account Management Team at


What do these subscriptions include? 

All Documentation Suite documents that can be currently purchased on a PAYG/On-Demand basis.


What is not included? 

Any additional services or fees on top of document generation are not included in the subscription, and you will need to pay these fees as you order the documents on the platform (i.e. they will not be invoiced monthly): 

  • ASIC fees 
  • Printing and stamping fees 
  • Legal service fees 
  • Corporate Messenger 
  • Trust Register  
  • SuperComply 


How will the subscription be billed?

The subscription will be billed monthly.


What will happen once the subscription ends? 

It will be automatically renewed. 


What will happen to unused document orders, do they roll over? 

Documents are to be used in a 12 month period, they will not roll over to subsequent years. 


How can I upgrade my subscription? 

Please contact our Account Management Team at


Will the previous subscription options also be available? 

They are still available for the time being. 


How can I change my subscription? 

Please contact our Account Management Team at


For bundled documents, eg "SMSF Establishment with Special Purpose Corporate Trustee", will this be considered 1 or 2 documents?

This would be treated as 1 document. 

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