What's New August 2021

New Releases

Integrations - Class Trust

Collaboration and data sharing just became easier between Class Trust and NowInfinity.

Users can now add a newly established Discretionary Trust to Class with a click of a button. Removing the need to re-enter Trust and Beneficiary details separately and enabling you to start your Trust administration work sooner.

We have also made it easier for you to share data held in Class to pre-fill Trust document templates in NowInfinity. Simply click on the integration option on forms to select Class to speed up the process of ordering documents and reduce data entry errors. The following documents can now be pre-filled with details from Class:

  • Deed of Variation (Exclude Foreign Beneficiaries)​

  • Change of Trustee of Discretionary Trust​

  • Change of Discretionary Trust Name​

  • Vesting of a Discretionary Trust​

  • Vesting of a Unit Trust​

  • Change of Trustee of Unit Trust​

  • Change of Unit Trust Name​

  • Declaration of Trust​

  • Trust Distribution Resolution

Documentation Suite

6 Member SMSFs

Continuing from the patch release in July (see here) which saw SMSF establishment documents updated to cater for 6 member SMSFs - the following documents have also been updated to bring SMSF documents in line with the latest SMSF member rules:

  • Change of Trustee
  • Change of Fund Name
  • SMSF Compliance Statement
  • SMSF Winding Up
  • SMSF Member Exit
  • Declaration of Trust


Corporate Messenger

  • We fixed a bug where overseas postcode entered into ASIC forms was not captured in the generated document and details lodged with ASIC.

Documentation Suite

  • We fixed a bug where the signature box for Corporate shareholders was missing on Constitutional Upgrade documents.

Trust Register

  • We fixed a bug where users were not able to mark documents as Signed.
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