How to export your Companies list


How can I export a list of the Companies recorded within the Company List?

What data can be exported? 


An excel spreadsheet can be generated through the Company List. A variety of additional data can be included to assist in identifying gaps (e.g. missing/incorrect address or Stakeholders).

  1. Navigate to Menu > Corporate Messenger > Companies
  2. Tick the check boxes to the left of the Companies that you wish to export (Optional)
    Note: If no Company is selected the entire Company List will be exported
  3. Select "Action" > "Export to Excel"
  4. Tick the data you wish to export from the selection data available for export
    Export list.png
  5. Enter an email address for a copy of the exported data to be sent (Optional)
    Note: Multiple recipients can be listed by separating with a semicolon ";". This is in addition to a copy being downloaded.
  6. Select "Export"
    Note: A larger Company List may take a few minutes for the spreadsheet to generate and the download/email to begin.

Data available for export

When making use of the option Export to Excel, the following data can be exported where available:

  • Company Name (always exported)
  • ACN (always exported)
  • Company Type
  • Date of Registration
  • Corporate Key
  • Family Group
  • Reference Number
  • Registered Address
  • Principal Address
  • Account Manager
  • Stakeholders (with the following are only available if Stakeholders is selected)
    • Role
    • Date of Appointment
    • Director ID
    • Email
    • Mobile Number
    • Stakeholder's Address (always exported if Stakeholders selected)
  • Annual Review Date
  • Due Date
  • BPAY Code
  • BPAY Reference Number
  • Company URL ID


  • Duplication of Stakeholders may occur from:
    • discrepancy in the recorded names between their roles (i.e. Director, Shareholder, Signing Contact, Billing Contact)
    • discrepancy (or omission) in the address recorded between their roles
  • Joint Shareholders will be recorded separately
  • Date of appointment will only show against Officeholders
  • Where a Stakeholder is a Billing Contact only, and there is no address recorded "NA" will be recorded against the address field
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