How to set up the Summary Report

What is the Summary Report?

The Summary Report is an email that can be set to be issued on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to provide the ASIC Contact of an account a snapshot of up to 9 different items related to the activity on your account. You can select which items you want to receive, such as number of Companies Registered, Rejected Forms and Received Annual Statements.

Who receives the Summary Report emails?

The recipient of the Summary is the ASIC Contact. If the ASIC Contact is inactive (i.e. they have not logged in for over one month) the Summary will issue based on the order outlined within How to change the recipient of the Daily Summary.

How can I set up the Summary Report?

Navigate to Menu > Product Settings > Summary


1.  Tick the items you want included in the Summary - refer to the following details of each option:

  • Registered Companies - Companies that have been registered through the reporting period
  • Forms Due to Lodge - 484 forms that have got less than 7 days left to lodge before a late fee will apply
  • Rejected Forms -Information about all forms that have been rejected through the selected period and remain rejected
  • Lodged Forms - Forms that have been successfully lodged during the selected period
  • Received Annual Statements - Annual Statements that have arrived in Corporate Messenger
  • Annual Statements Expected - List of Companies that are expected to receive an Annual Statement within the next week
  • Annual Fee Will Be Applied Soon - List of Companies that are about to receive an Annual Statement late fee
  • Number Of Documents Sent To Archive -Total number of Electronically signed documents sent to archive email
    • These documents can be sent to archive for a number of reasons:
      • The DocuSign envelope has timed out after 3 months of being open.
      • The document is 'Marked as Signed', as per How to mark a Lodgement as signed.
      • The envelope is voided.
  • Failed Emails - List of emails that were not sent during the selected period (note this item is set by default and cannot be deselected)

Note:  The Failed Emails option is important as it will alert your ASIC Contact to any emails that have failed to send from your account.

Should you receive failed emails, contact the NowInfinity Customer Service Team via live chat or if you require further assistance.

2.  Select the "Period of the summary" either daily, weekly or monthly - default is set to weekly.

3.  Click "Save" to save summary changes.


The system captures the previous day’s activity to include in the daily summary, only for registered companies, lodged forms etc.

  • in the case of the daily period, the previous days activity is captured

  • in the case of the weekly period, for example set on Monday - from Monday to Monday but the current Monday will be included in the next summary report

  • In the case of a monthly period, from 1st day of the month to 1st day of next month without including it

Below is an example from a daily summary where it is set monthly





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