What is Documentation Suite?

Documentation Suite is legally backed, instantly available documents for entity creation – to easily set up companies, trusts, SMSF, loan agreements and more.

NowInfinity’s document platform sits at the core of the NowInfinity eco-system and is made up of over 70 legal documents.

Key Benefits

  • Legal backing so you sleep soundly. All document templates continually go through a deep legal review and drafting process by NowInfinity’s legal service providers.
  • Efficiency is a breeze. Efficiently manage the creation and execution of documentation to support the advice that you’ve given to your clients. Easily manage the complete work flow process from creation, management and completion.
  • Use your branding. All the documents can be branded to suit your firm, or use our branding if you prefer.
  • Integrated to save time. Seamlessly integrated with other platforms like Xero Practice Manager and Class Super.
  • Avoid data duplication. Simply pull your existing data into NowInfinity with the click of a button. In one keystroke, reduce endless data duplication and time-wasting.
  • Grow your revenue. Control your overheads with one yearly fee for access to all the documents. Turn a cost centre to a revenue stream to grow your firm.
  • Constantly evolving. Access 75+ document templates that evolve in response to client feedback.
  • Optimised workflows. Use tools like electronic signing to finalise documents and communicate with your clients in real time.
  • Streamline registrations. Setup bank accounts, ABN, TFN and ACNs in seconds.
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