NowInfinity FAQs - December 2023

Welcome to the December edition of our NowInfinity FAQ newsletter, where we address common questions from the past few months.

Did you know?

Member Resolutions for Public Companies with no Shareholders/Members - For the following ASIC forms:

  • 484 Extended Form
  • 484B12 Officer Change Form
  • 484B1 Officer Cessation Form
  • 484B2 Officer Appointment Form

If there are no Shareholders/Members listed under the Company Profile for a Public Company, you have two options to consider. Firstly, when navigating to the 'Authorisation & Declaration' tab of the interview form, you may select 'Form Only' under 'Documentation to Generate'. This option will solely generate the ASIC form.

Alternatively, you can find more information via our Adding Non-ASIC Shareholdings to a Public Company article by clicking here.

Bulk Company Profile Refresh - If you are in need of manually updating or refreshing multiple Company Profiles, we offer a convenient bulk refresh option. This option significantly reduces the time required to manually refresh each Company Profile individually. For more information click here.


ASIC Connection and Refreshing Company Profile/s - To facilitate the lodgement of ASIC forms or refreshing your company data, there are several actions you can take. Please refer to the following for guidance:




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