SMSF Electronic Service Address (ESA) on NowInfinity Platform


Can I register for an SMSF Electronic Service Address (ESA) on the NowInfinity platform?


No, SMSF Electronic Service Address (ESA) cannot be registered on NowInfinity.

NowInfinity is a platform that provides Company, SMSF, Trust documentation and Corporate Compliance solutions for registered Companies. 

You can obtain an ESA from an SMSF messaging provider or through an SMSF intermediary such as an SMSF administrator, Tax Agent, or Accountant using purpose-built SMSF administration software like Class.

More information can be found on the ATO website: Register of SMSF messaging providers.

Note: Currently, only 6 SMSF messaging providers support both contributions and rollovers/release authorities. 

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