Adding Non-ASIC Shareholdings to a Public Company


How can I record shareholders within NowInfinity as they are not recorded with ASIC?

How can I display all Shares within a Public Company without listing all Individual Shareholders?


  1. Navigate to Menu > Corporate Messenger > Companies > See Full Profile > change View to Shares from the top right of the Company Profile.
  2. Select "Add Non-ASIC Shareholder" from the top right of the Allotment Table.
  3. Complete the required fields
  4. Select "Add"
    Add_NA shareholder.png
  5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 for each Shareholder to add.
  6. Select "Save Changes" from the bottom right of the Allotment Table.

Adding allotments where the Shareholder is unknown

Where the complete list of Shareholders is not known, the following can be used to record an allotment to allow the total allotments to be correct.

Disclaimer: This is intended for use of recording allotments where the Shareholder is unknown. When completing an appointment of an Officeholder, when this allotment instance is selected for "Members Chairperson" or "Member's Resolution", the Online Editor can be used so that the specific shareholder details are reflected.

As outlined in Corporate Messenger: ASIC Form Enhancements, Section 201H of the Corporations Act states that Directors to be appointed by the Members of the Company, and our forms used to appoint Officeholders have been updated to reflect this. Attempting to use this allotment in these capacities would not meet these requirements.


When completing the above process, at step 3 (Complete the required fields), the following should be entered:

  • Shareholder Type: Individual
  • First Name: Shareholders
  • Middle Name: For
  • Last Name: Company Name Ltd
  • Address details: enter the company's registered address


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