Entering an individual's name with a space


Why can't I enter an individual's first name with a space? How can I enter this if they have more than 1 word in their first name, eg "Jo Anne"?:


This is an ASIC limitation.

When submitting Company Establishments, these go through a system called ECR. ECR accepts spaces in individual's names.

However, EDGE does not accept spaces. EDGE is the platform that is used for Corporate Messenger Lodgements to ASIC, such as a Form 484. Therefore if there has been a Company established and the individual has 2 or more first names, when it comes time to lodge a document for that Company, the lodgement will be rejected because EDGE will not recognise the name.

Therefore, in order to proceed with the form, their name needs to be listed as per below:

If a Company has been established externally from NowInfinity, and the individual has 2 or more first names, when this Company is added to Corporate Messenger, a red "Officer Name Issue" banner will display at the top of the Company Profile. This is to alert you that Lodgements will not be accepted, and the Officer's name needs to be updated, to meet EDGE requirements.

If this is the case, contact the Customer Service Team who will be able to liaise with ASIC on your behalf to update this.

If you do not wish to update the Officer's name, to meet EDGE requirements, lodgements for that Company will need to be made directly with ASIC.

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