Error made on Company Registration

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An error has been made on a Company registration. How can I fix it and correct the documents?


  1. You will need to appoint yourself as the agent for the Company, if not already in order to proceed to the next step
  2. Lodge a Form 492 to ASIC to make the correction and update ASIC records

If you would like the establishment documents updated:

  1. Email our Customer Service Team on with the below:

"I am requesting a correction link for {insert company name}. 

I understand any changes made will only be applied to the documentation. I will/have contact/ed ASIC for these changes to be applied to their records. I understand that generally changes related to Company Name and Jurisdiction result in additional fees and time delays. Any changes I make to the documents will not be a true and correct copy of what was signed and lodged with ASIC. I will ensure I lodge the appropriate ASIC form to update ASIC records."

Once received, our Customer Service Team will email you a link which will allow you to amend the documents.

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