Filing Company Documents in Binder Tabs

  • When Printing is ordered for a Binder presentation, the Binder includes Tabs for filing the printed documents
  • The documents are placed on top of the Binder Tabs with an Instruction Sheet to allow ease of signing before filing
  • Once the documents have been signed they can be filed under the Binder Tabs
  • The following is a guide on where to file each document


Document Name Tab
Director resolution Minutes of Directors
Consent to Variation of Class Rights Share Certificates and Transfers
Special Resolution of Sole Member Minutes of Members
Notice of Appointment of Public Officer Statutory Returns
Consent to Act as a Public Officer Miscellaneous
Consent to Act as a Director Register of Directors, Secretary
Consent to Act as a Secretary Register of Directors, Secretary
Register of Officers Register of Directors, Secretary
Consent to Be a Member and Hold Shares Register of Members
Share Certificate Share Certificates and Transfers
Register of Members Register of Members
Directors Duties: Overview of the role of director Register of Directors, Secretary
Constitution Constitution
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