How to customise your logo

Steps to customise you logo

Navigate to Menu > Portal Settings > Available Logos

You can add your company logo and use it as a default logo on all documentation created in NowInfinity. This article covers:

  1. How to upload a logo
  2. How to delete a logo
  3. How to create a document without a logo

How can I upload a new logo?

To upload a new logo click on the green button "Upload New Logo":


Information to add for a new logo:

  • Name of the logo (required)
  • Footer text type to display as a footer on the Cover page on all documents:


Show the default footer text - NowInfinity | Level 3 260 Sample Street Southport QLD 4000 | (07)-5555-5555 |

Do not show any footer text - Footer will be blank

Custom footer text - Choose your own customised footer text, we recommend the following format: Account name | Address | Phone | Email 

You can upload multiple logos and select the default logo from the "Actions" column:



Once uploaded, you can preview how the document will display:



How do I delete a logo?

To remove a logo click on the bin icon:


Note: If you delete a default logo, the first logo in the list will be set as the default. If all logos are removed, NowInfinity's logo will be applied to all documents and email templates.


How can I create documents without a logo?

To display documents without a logo, a "blank" logo needs to be uploaded. To do this, create a file which is simply a white box, upload this as per the "how can I upload a new logo" instructions.



You will have the option to select any uploaded logo when generating documents:


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