How to complete the Investment Strategy document


  1. Navigate to the Menu > Create Document, then choose Investment Strategy in the SELF MANAGED SUPERANNUATION FUND section. 



2. After clicking the Investment Strategy on the Menu page, you will be redirected to the document Interview Form.

3. Enter the required information in each of the interview form pages to complete the document.


Here is a sample of a complete and valid form for Investment Objective and Asset Allocation


4. On the Investment Objective and Asset Allocation page, click on the applicable Insurance Option, or you can choose to manually add your own "custom" insurance details.

Here is a sample of a complete and valid form for Insurance and liabilities


5. Click on the Complete button after making your final selections.


6. You will be redirected to the Collaboration page where you can take further actions, like downloading the document for signing, send the document for electronic signing and/or forwarding the document to your practice management or document management application. 

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