NowInfinity FAQs - March 2024

Welcome to the March edition of our NowInfinity FAQ newsletter, where we address common questions from the past few months.

Did you know?

Customising Outgoing Email Settings - You can set up your own custom outgoing email within NowInfinity? To read more about the options available click here.

Fundamentals of NowInfinity - If you're new to NowInfinity or you have new users joining your team, this article is highly recommended. It provides helpful resources to ease you through setting up your account and ensuring that your settings a optimised.

Resubmitting a Rejected Company Registration - When receiving a rejection for a Company Registration, this does not mean you will need to create a new version of the application. You can actually resubmit the rejected application. Click here to read more.

Top 20 ASIC Form Rejections - This article provides an in-depth list of the top 20 rejections for ASIC Forms, including why the rejection occurred and how to resolve it.

Resubmitting a Rejected ASIC Form - Should you receive a rejection when submitting an ASIC Form, you can amend and resubmit the same form for a successful lodgement. To read more click here.

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