NowInfinity FAQs - September 2022

Welcome to the September edition of our NowInfinity FAQ newsletter, where we address common questions from the past month.

Did you know?

The deadline for applying for a Director ID is fast approaching. All existing Directors are required to apply for a Director ID by 30 November 2022 to avoid penalties.

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Please also check out the below FAQs for this edition:

  • NowInfinity provides the option for you to enter and store the Director ID within forms as well as the company, trust and SMSF profiles.
  • NowInfinity provides the functionality for you to bulk update Director IDs.
  • You can check which companies are missing Director ID’s using the Director ID pin.
  • NowInfinity hosted a live webinar on the 24 November 2021 to discuss the Director ID requirements, you can watch the recording here.

To review more FAQs about the Director ID requirements click here.

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