Standard Company Rules - Proposed Name of Company

Proposed Name of Company

A company has the option to choose its own name. There are several requirements for the field.

  • Proprietary limited companies should contain the words proprietary and limited. The following abbreviations are also accepted:
    • Proprietary Limited
    • Proprietary Ltd
    • Proprietary Ltd.
    • Ltd.
    • Pty Ltd
    • Limited
    • Pty Limited
  • Several words are not allowed to be used such as:
    • Bank
    • Trust
    • Royal
    • Incorporated
    • King
    • Queen
    • RSL 
  • Unusual words for a Company Name will prompt you to use manual processing
  • Only ASCII characters are allowed to be used in the field. (ie: Special characters). (Click on this link for the list of accepted characters: Steps to register a company)
  • If any of the requirements are not met, a red color image will be displayed in the field
  • You should select “No” on "Use ACN as company name?"  from the drop-down menu

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