Standard Company Rules - Australian Company Number (ACN)


What is an ACN? How will it be displayed?


The ACN (Australian Company Number) is a unique nine-digit identification number issued to every Company in Australia (eg. 987 654 321). If the ACN is selected as the Company Name it will appear as follows “A.C.N 987 654 321 Pty Ltd”.

When you decide to have the ACN as a Company Name, you will need select “Yes” from the drop-down menu for “Use ACN as Company Name?”. Notice the field changes, there is no longer a Proposed Company Name field. 



You are required to select any of the options on the drop-down menu for Legal Elements.

If you decide to change the Company Name, an ASIC Form 205 will need to be lodged.


Note : Lodging a Form 205 will incur a lodgement fee. To find out more about the fee, visit Changing the set up of your company


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