NowInfinity FAQs - December 2021

Welcome to the December edition of our NowInfinity FAQ newsletter.

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You can keep up to date with the latest releases and features by visiting our What’s New Page.

Our latest December release focuses on enhancement to the Dividend Statements document,

updates to exporting company information to excel and corporate messenger

Latest Release - December Edition

Contact our support team via our live chat or send us an email at for further information in relation to any recent updates or announcements.

You can also join our weekly webinar to walk through Corporate Messenger, Documentation Suite and Trust Register. Click here to register.

Also, check out our top 3 FAQs for December:

  • Where can I find the recording of NowInfinity’s Director Identification Number Webinar?
    Click here
  • How to export a list of Annual Statements? Click here
  • How to create a trust with Corporate Trustee? Click here to find out how


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