How to check your SPF has been added correctly

The SPF status can be checked using third party websites such as or

Below are the instructions to review the SPF record status:

You should copy the client domain name from the ‘SEND MAIL FROM:' field for AWS delivery type

or from the 'FROM ADDRESS:’ for SMTP delivery type depends on what type client wants to connect and put it on the site and click the ‘Check’ button



SPF record that the user has will be shown in the SPF field

Below is an example with no record of SPF added. Another situation where SPF would not appear is if there are 2 or more records of SPF saved 



Example with added record



SPF can also be checked using




Common Troubleshooting tips: 

1) Sometimes there are multiple SPF records that cause the SPF records to reflect as 'SPF not added'

For example: 2023-01-11_09h44_14.png

These records need to be merged into one record for the SPF status to update correctly on NowInfinity as 'SPF is added'. 

If the records are saved separately as: 


v=spf1 ~all

These would need to be merged and saved under one record as: 

v=spf1 ~all

2) Another reason why the SPF would not update as 'SPF is added' is if the TXT settings are set to invisible on the host server. In this case, the domain provider/ server would need to change the TXT settings to visible. 

3) The SPF records may be saved in Upper case characters. If this is the case, please save the SPF records in lower case.

4) The issue can also occur if there are multiple TXT saved within the same SPF record and if the NowInfinity SPF record is not saved as the first record. The SPF should be recognised on NowInfinity once the NowInfinity SPF record is moved to the first place.

5) If the SPF records still do not seem to be added - it is advisable to contact the domain provider and check for the settings saved at the backend.

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