Registering a business name on NowInfinity


How can I register a business name on NowInfinity?


To register a business name on NowInfinity:

1. Go to the given link

2. Login through the portal

3. Click Menu 

4. Go to Create Document


5. Choose Business Name Registration under the Company Formations section  


NowInfinity has the capability to register and renew business names. You can also use a transfer key to register a business name from the previous business name holder. However, the transfer key would need to be sourced by the business name holder directly via ASIC.

Business name registration details:


After clicking the Business Name Registration from the Menu page, you will be redirected to the Form.

Business Name Details

  1. ABN: The business name requires an ABN to be registered. The business name is held by the ABN. Multiple Business Names can be registered using one ABN. 
  1. Term of the Business name registration:
  1. Transfer key (Registering an already existing business name}.
      • If you are registering an already existing business name, you will need to enter the transfer key provided by the original business name holder to complete the application. The transfer key is 13 characters long and starts with 1-{and 11 digits}

Who can hold the business name?

An individual, corporate, joint venture, trust and partnership can hold the business name. 

Corporate Holders need to provide the owners name and the owners ACN. Joint ventures, trusts and partnership need to provide the owners name and the owners ABN.

All proposed entities need to provide address details and an email address.


You can read more about the purpose of the addresses on the ASIC website:

Payment methods for registration

Once the business name registration form is lodged, ASIC will send the invoice to the email address provided in the form, which will need to be paid within 10 business days. The email will also include confirmation of the application, and instructions on how to pay the registration. The business name record of registration and any renewal notices will also be sent to this email address.

Business name renewal

Renewal notices will be sent to the email address provided on the original business name registration form. The business name can be renewed for 1 year or 3 years.

The business name needs to be renewed before the renewal due date.

Further information

Why do the Business Name Registration documents have the status “Waiting for ASIC response”?




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