How to edit the address of shareholders for a public company

Since ASIC do not store information about the shareholders of a public company, lodging a Form 484 to change the address is not necessary.

To update the address in Corporate Messenger, follow the steps below:

Step 1 : Navigate to Menu > Corporate Messenger > Companies


Step 2 : See full profile of the relevant company




Step 3 : Change the "View" to "Shares"



Step 4 : Once you are in the shares page, go to the Allotments table and search for the shareholder that will need to have an address change

Step 5 : Then click on the three dots and choose EDIT


Step 5 :  After choosing EDIT, you will get another page that will allow you to edit the address. Once done updating the address, click on the ADD button.

Please note: Corporate shareholders will need to be deleted and entered into the Allotments table again with the correct information.


Step 6 : Once All changes are completed, click on SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the allotments page



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