ASIC’s formatting rules/character limits for addresses used in 484 Forms and Company Registrations

Below are the ASIC rules for the maximum number of characters you can enter into an ASIC Form 484 when lodged via EDGE protocol. The same rules also apply for Company Registrations:

  • "Care of" details: 50 characters
  • Level, unit, etc: 50 characters
  • Street number, name, type: 52 characters
  • Locality: 30 characters
  • State: 3 characters (Select Non-AU for Non-Australian States)
  • Postcode: 4 characters ("Non-AU" in the State field will allow for an increase in postcode characters for Non-Australian Postcodes.)
  • Country: 30 characters

The validation rules and character limits (max characters accepted for names in EDGE) applied to names by ASIC are as follows:

  • Last name - mandatory, max length 30 characters
  • First given name - mandatory, max length 20 characters
  • Second given name - optional, max length 20 characters
  • Third given name (which is considered as a middle name) - optional, max length 20 characters
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