Change of Corporate Trustee Name

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If the name of the Corporate Trustee of a Trust is changing, do we need an amendment? 


Generally, it is not necessary to change the name of the corporate trustee in the Trust Deed if the change of name was made after the trust was established (as the underlying ACN remains the same). 


However, we understand that sometimes clients or third parties (like banks) might request documentation to address this. If so, 

  • a Resolution can be passed to note the change of name of the corporate trustee; or
  • a Deed of Confirmation can be prepared by our legal services provider, on a fee-for-service basis, to confirm that there has been a change of name in the corporate trustee. 


If you would like to be referred to our legal services provider, email


Note: You may upload the ASIC documentation for the Company Change of Name to the Trust Timeline within the Trust Register to maintain the record.




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