How to Establish a Trust


NowInfinity offers a full suite of trust documents in its Documentation Suite including documents to establish:

  • Discretionary Trusts - including the ability to set up a trust where the lineal descendent is either capital or fully reserved;
  • Fixed Unit Trust; and
  • NSW Land Tax Unit Trust.


Additional NowInfinity Trust Establishment features we think you will love 

  • Ability to pre-fill information e.g. individual names/addresses, using an available integration with practice management systems e.g. Xero Practice Manager (XPM) or Greatsoft, or information that was previously entered into NowInfinity;
  • Option to open a bank account and online trading account with Macquarie Bank at the time of establishing the Trust;
  • Option to set up an ABN/TFN;
  • Ability to create Trust Distribution Minutes for Discretionary Trusts and send for electronic signing;
  • Users on a subscription package have the additional feature to add the trust to the Trust Register (Beta). The Trust Register allows you to manage all your trusts in a single platform - automating documentation needs to meet trust obligations including maintaining a unit register for Unit Trusts and streamlining end of year processes around Trust Distribution Minutes for Discretionary Trusts;
  • Option to request documents to be reviewed by a lawyer via the Legal Review process Client Legal Review.

Stamping of Deeds

NowInfinity offers stamping of deeds in the jurisdictions of New South Wales and Victoria.

You can refer to the following articles for detailed information:

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