How do I add my new Agent number and ASIC EDGE details to the platform?

Question: I have a new agent number and ASIC EDGE credentials, how to I add these to the platform and transfer my companies to my new Agent number?


Answer: Once you have your new agent number and ASIC EDGE credentials, you will need to:


Step 1: Navigate to Menu > Bundle Agent Appointment and download the template:





Step 2. Download and complete the template by adding the Companies you wish to transfer to your new agent number.


NOTE: Please make sure any outstanding lodgements have been made on the current agent number prior to step 3 or you will need to create them again under the new agent number.

It is also advisable to export your Annual Statements list prior to entering your new ASIC Agent number and EDGE details, so you can track which ones have been sent/signed/paid once your new details are active. (Refer to step 7)


Step 3. Once the template has been completed, go to Menu > Product Settings > ASIC Parameters and enter your new agent number and ASIC EDGE Credentials. If your agent name has also changed, you can enter this information into the relevant field also. Once all details have been entered, click Save.





Step 4. After entering your new details in the Product Settings, go to Menu > Companies > Actions > Refresh my list of Companies. This will clear all of the Companies from your list, which may take some time to process:






Step 5. Once the Companies list is blank. Go back to Menu > Bundle Agent Appointment and upload your companies list template:




Step 6. Once the template has been uploaded successfully, the 362 forms will be available under Menu > Lodgements > Incomplete, ready to be signed and lodged to ASIC. 

Please be advised that form 362's can no longer be sent for electronic signing and must be wet signed, however, the form 362's can still be lodged electronically via the platform. 


Step 7.  To export your Annual Statements list, navigate to Menu > Annual Statements > Actions > Export to Excel, the spreadsheet will download listing the Annual Statement Status for each Company:




Once the new ASIC Agent number is entered and the 362 forms have been lodged to ASIC:

  1. All pins previously created and assigned to Companies will be deleted
  2. ASIC forms in Draft or Waiting for Signature status, will no longer be available
  3. Documents for lodged ASIC forms will be uploaded in the Company Timeline, but will not be available in the Lodgements page
  4. Draft and Sent Reminders (signing and payment) will be voided
  5. Annual Statements previously issued to the old agent number will be uploaded in the Company Timeline, but will not be available in the Annual Statements page.
    To remerge these, navigate to to Menu > Annual Statements and remerge any of the statements that say "Not Received", these are the statements that were received by your previous agent number. You can archive the statements that you know have already been signed and paid. For the statements that have not yet been signed or paid, you will need to resend the Annual Review package to the client.


For further information on how to apply for a new agent number or EDGE credentials, please refer to the following links: 

How to apply for EDGE details 

Hot to apply to be an ASIC Agent 



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