Why is "NowInfinity Pty Ltd" on the ASIC Form 201 for Company registrations?


Why are the Lodgement details for "NowInfinity Pty Ltd" on the ASIC Form 201 for Company registrations rather than my own?


Ordinarily, for an ASIC agent to lodge Company registrations online, they need to:

  1. Obtain and authorise a digital certificate, and
  2. Set up an ASIC direct debit account.

Whilst this is a requirement for other ASIC software providers, with NowInfinity, there’s no need to apply for your own digital certificate and set up an ASIC direct debit account.

All company registrations via the portal will use our digital certificate and our debit account set up with ASIC. This is the reason NowInfinity's organisation name and System Compliance Manager's name are listed instead.

Please also note, unlike other software providers, the company registration fee is collected from you at the time of application, and NowInfinity pass this on to ASIC as part of the lodgement process. 

Note: Although NowInfinity's details display on the 201, this does appoint NowInfinity as the ASIC agent of the Company. 





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