Who can sign on behalf of a Corporate Shareholder?


When incorporating companies, the system requests details of a director and secretary of the member - Is this recorded with ASIC, or is it merely for the population of NI-produced documents? And do we need to provide the name of all the directors?


ASIC do not record this information. The name of the director/s is needed for the documents that will be generated. 

There's no need to provide the name of all the directors of the company. According to Corporations Act 2001 - Sect 127, following can sign on behalf of a company:

a) 2 Directors of a company

b) A Director and secretary of a company

c) For a proprietary company, that a sole director who is also the sole company secretary - that director


Reference: http://www5.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/cth/num_act/ca2001172/s127.html


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