How to manually add an existing Fund to SuperComply

Add an Existing Fund

This function allows you to add an existing Fund to SuperComply.

You can find the "Add an Existing Fund" tool either on the Main Menu page or from the Actions menu on the "Fund Register" page.




Once you have selected "Add an Existing Fund", you will be taken to a new Fund profile page for you to complete manually.

You should try to complete as many fund details as possible. It will be helpful to have access to the fund's original Trust Deed and latest amendment in order to achieve a complete Fund profile.

The Trustee section is dynamic, depending on whether the Fund has a corporate Trustee or individual Trustees. It is important to ensure that all individual Trustees (or directors of the trustee company) are entered. In most circumstances, each Trustee/Director will also be a current member of the Fund.


Fund Health Indicator

A coloured bar will appear above the Fund Profile (see below). This is referred to as the "Fund Health Indicator".

A status "Ready: 100%" indicates all the required information has been completed on the Fund profile. If the "Fund Health Indicator" is less than 100%, the data fields requiring completion will be highlighted for your attention.


Once you have completed the existing fund details, it is important to ensure you "Save" before exiting, otherwise the data will not be saved.

When the above process has been completed, the fund will now display on the Funds Register.

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