Are all emails recorded in the Outgoing Correspondence?


Are all emails recorded in Outgoing Correspondence?


Not all emails are recorded in the Outgoing Correspondence.

Below are details of emails which are and are not stored in Outgoing Correspondence.


Emails stored in Outgoing Correspondence page

  • All documents sent for e-signing (including legal documents)
  • Reminders (for both payment and e-signing)
  • Annual Statement sent via e-mail option
  • Signing status of documents sent for e-signing
  • Re-send e-signing notification from the collaboration page
  • Re-send emails from the Outgoing Correspondence page

Emails not stored in Outgoing Correspondence

  • Password reset
  • Welcome email
  • Documents to print for hard copy
  • Email confirmation for documents ordered (including company registration)
  • ASIC rejections
  • Daily Summary


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