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The Individuals feature, currently in closed beta, enhances NowInfinity by offering users a comprehensive view of individual profiles. This feature integrates personal information, roles within companies, trusts and funds, and relationship networks into a singular, accessible interface under the portal settings menu.

Key functionalities

  • Aggregates personal details, roles, and relationships of individuals in one location.

  • Automatically detects and highlights inconsistencies in an individual's data across different entities.

  • Visualises the relationships between individuals, companies, funds and trusts.

Accessing the Feature

Navigate to the portal menu and select the Individuals menu to access this feature. There are two views available: the register view for a comprehensive list and the individual profile view for detailed information.

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Register view

The register, or Individuals List, is shown once the Individuals module is selected. 

Individual view

Click on an individual’s name in the Individuals List to view their profile.

Accessing the Diagram View

The diagram view visually represents the relationships between an individual and entities like companies, funds and trusts.

The diagram can be accessed from the register view by clicking the icon in the actions column. Alternatively, it can also be accessed within the Individual view by clicking the individuals name.

Colours and Nodes

Individual nodes are colour-coded (primary individual in purple, other individuals in blue, companies in green, funds in red and trusts in orange) for easy identification.

Node Positioning

Choose between 'custom' for manual arrangement and 'auto' for automatic adjustments.

Relationship Labels 

Connections are labelled (e.g., Director, Shareholder) to clarify roles.

Recent Nodes

Clicking a node adds it to a 'Recent Nodes' section for quick access.

Managing Data

Export Options

The list of individuals and their relationships can be exported to Excel or PDF format. 

Updating Information

  • Modify email addresses and phone numbers for individuals associated with companies or funds.
  • Update Director ID numbers for individuals in specific roles.
  • Submit address updates for individuals, affecting associated company, fund and trust profiles.

Addressing Data Discrepancies with PINs

PINs are tags that identify inconsistencies in an individual’s information, such as different dates of birth listed across entities. They're visible on the Individual List and within the profile. Resolving the discrepancies removes the PINs.

Note: Currently the beta testing phase is closed to new users. Feedback from current testers is encouraged via the NowInfinity Ideas Portal, Aha!

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