Connecting to SharePoint


I have tried following the steps in the How to connect to a Cloud Storage or CRM platform, however our SharePoint is still not connecting. How can we connect it successfully? 


Should you experience any issues when attempting to connect to SharePoint, follow the steps outlined below.


  • We strongly recommend your IT specialist assists with this setup.
  • The following step will need to be taken by a user with administrator access to Azure and Office 365 where appropriate.
  1. Log into Azure and view all applications.
  2. Locate the MRIA (NowInfinity) app under your account. It should have the following details
    Name: MRIA (NowInfinity)
    Application ID:
    Object ID:
  3. Open then select Security > Permissions > Grant admin consent for...
  4. Accept the permissions request
    Note: MRIA (NowInfinity) will request the following permissions:
    • Read and write user files
    • Read user files
    • Sign in and read user profile
  5. From Office 365's admin panel, select Admin centers > SharePoint > Sharing
  6. Select: Anyone with the link
  7. Ensure the Office365 user (e.g. as admin SharePoint before connecting MRIA (NowInfinity) to SharePoint.
  8. Navigate to Menu > Portal > Portal Settings > Cloud Services and CRM
  9. Select SharePoint as the provider and enter the link to your SharePoint
  10. Select Connect, to connect SharePoint to MRIA (NowInfinity)
  11. Connect SharePoint to MRIA, selecting Trust It, during the process.

    Note: If additional user privileges were added at step 8, these be removed after completing this step
  12. Return to Menu > Portal > Portal Settings > Cloud Services and CRM
  13. Select Change Path

  14. Locate your desired folder and select Pick

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