Error V420 Transfer of shares lodging issues


Why have I received this Rejection Error Code - V420 ACN/ARBN or ABN must be completed?


Although the rejection message mentions the ACN/ARBN/ABN this rejection is caused by the country entered under the 'Place of Incorporation of Ultimate Holding Company'. If the country entered under 'Place of Incorporation of Ultimate Holding Company' was manually typed in this will cause the form to be rejected as it needs to be selected from the drop down options.

To proceed with lodgement the form will need to be amended.

  1. Navigate to Menu > Corporate Messenger > Lodgements > click on the company name to open the Collaborations Page > click 'Amend the Document'.
  2. While within the form click on the 'Place of Incorporation of Ultimate Holding Company' box. If it doesn't drop down, it may mean the Country has been manually typed in. If the Country is typed in CAPITALS, this can also mean that it was manually typed in.
  3. Delete the manually entered text and choose the country from the drop down options.image_1.png
  4. Once that has been amended click 'Next Step' until you get to the last page then click 'Complete'. Once the documents have generated you can re-lodge by clicking the 'Lodge' button. 


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