Amending a name in an SMSF

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Can I use the SMSF Deed of Variation document form to amend a name?


Incorrect or omitted names (e.g. missing middle names) can cause problems for clients.

These days, many organisations will ask for a proper correction of names. To avoid the risk of rejection of a rectifying document, the correction is best done by deed (i.e. a Deed of Rectification). If you need a Deed of Rectification, email and we can refer you to our legal services provider who can assist on a fee-for-service basis. 

In some circumstances, however, a deed may not be required. Minutes or references to "also known as..." may suffice. This will depend on your own circumstances. 

If, after you have selected the solution appropriate to you, you need to amend the SMSF Deed's Schedule (perhaps due to a third party's request, for example, a bank) then you may use the SMSF Deed of Variation. You need to be aware, when you use the SMSF Deed of Variation form, you are effectively adopting a new set of rules for your Fund. Read more here


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