How do I disconnect my custom DocuSign account in my NowInfinity account?


I want to disconnect my custom DocuSign account in NowInfinity, how do I do this?


What to consider before disconnecting your custom DocuSign account in NowInfinity  

  • It is recommended to ensure all current DocuSign envelopes are completed prior to the disconnection of your custom DocuSign account.
  • The DocuSign envelopes sent when your custom DocuSign account was connected will need to be voided in NowInfinity as recipients will not be able to access the documents after disconnection.
  • If there are any outstanding DocuSign envelopes, these will need to be voided in NowInfinity and resent using the NowInfinity free DocuSign account. Outstanding e-signing reminders will remain active if the old e-signing envelopes are not voided. 
  • Once your custom DocuSign account is disconnected in NowInfinity, you may wish to request for DocuSign to disable the ‘Don’t enforce in session certificate’ option on your DocuSign account.

Steps to disconnect your custom DocuSign account

  1. Navigate to Menu > Portal - Portal Settings > Electronic Signing
  2. Under the "Custom DocuSign Account" section, click "Disconnect"
  3. Inform that your custom DocuSign account has been disconnected. Our team will need to disable a setting on our end.

Once this is done, the system will use the NowInfinity free DocuSign account by default.

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