FAQs on NowInfinity's WalkMe

What is WalkMe?

WalkMe is a system which provides you with Guided Tutorials/Walk throughs on the NowInfinity Platform.


Who can access WalkMe?

The WalkMe menu is available to NowInfinity Administrator users.


What does it look like?

For first time users the menu will pop up when you log into NowInfinity.



What topics are available on WalkMe?

The following are currently available:

  • Welcome Tour (PAYG)
  • Review Account Settings
  • Set up your logo
  • Set up your credit card
  • Set up your users
  • Set up your email setting
  • Set up your integrations
  • E-signing
  • Text Messages

Once I have completed the WalkMes, can I revisit them?

Yes. Once you have completed them they will no longer pop up when you log in. You can still access them via...........?

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