Video from CEOs of Class and Topdocs

As announced on 17 August, Class acquired the Topdocs business with the transaction successfully completed on 1 September. You can read the original announcement here.

Below is a short video on the announcement, featuring Andrew Russell, CEO of Class, and Jake Spakman, MD of Topdocs. 


Class is excited to onboard Topdocs customers into our NowInfinity platform. This will provide you a range of benefits including access to a broader document suite and our market-leading corporate compliance solution - click here to find out more.

What's next from here

For now it is business as usual.  Please keep an eye on your inbox because we’ll be sending new updates in the coming days.  We recommend bookmarking this Customer Resources page for easy access to user guides and training videos on the NowInfinity platform.

If you do have any questions or would like to speak to someone, please reach out to your Topdocs representative, contact us on 1300 851 057 (Option 3) or via

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