How to export a list of Annual Statements?


How can I export a list of Annual Statements from NowInfinity?


To export a list of the Annual Statements:

  1. Navigate to Menu > Corporate Messenger – Annual Statements
  2. Change the date range to the relevant dates you wish to export
  3. Click "Actions" and select "Export to Excel". Note: you can choose to export "All" Annual Statements", or "Selected" Annual Statements. (If "Selected" is required, you will need to select the Annual Statements from the Annual Statements list, before proceeding to "Export to Excel")
  4. Click "Export" a spreadsheet will download with the following information:
    >    Company Name
    >    ACN
    >    Status
    >    Received/Expected date
    >    Debt
    >    Payment Deadline date
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