ASIC Rejection: V117 Date must not be a future date


ASIC rejection code V117: Date must not be a future date, what do I do to fix it?


This error can be due to a time zone error on ASIC servers, when the time has defaulted to UTC, which is 10/11 hours behind AEST / AEDT.

Forms affected:

  • 201 Company Registration
  • 361 Notification of a Registered Agent Ceasing to Act for a Company 
  • 362 Agent Appointment
  • 484 A1 Address Change
  • 484 A2 Officer / Shareholder Name Change
  • 484 A3 Ultimate Holding Company Change
  • 484 B1 Cessation of an Officeholder
  • 484 B2 Appointment of an Officeholder
  • 484 B3 Company Status Change
  • 484 B12 Appointment and Resignation of Officeholders
  • 484 C1 Share Cancellation
  • 484 C2 Issue of Shares
  • 484 C3 Transfer of Shares
  • 484E Extended
  • 492 Mistake Correction
  • 902 Notification of Additional Information

If the Form is future dated, the ASIC form should be lodged when that date arrives and not in advance.

If the Form is dated the same date as the date it is being lodged, ASIC's calendar has not been updated.  Relodge the form/company registration after 10 AM QLD time.

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