Electronic Signing tag missing from "Consent to Act as a Public Officer" document

Company Registrations lodged and sent for electronic signing between 10 PM Wednesday 14 July to 7 PM Friday 16 July

It has come to our attention that the e-signing tag for the "Consent to Act as a Public Officer" document, generated as part of Company Registrations was absent from the e-sign envelope for documents lodged between 10 PM Wednesday 14 July to 7 PM Friday 16 July. As such this document could not be e-signed.

If you lodged Company Registration/s during the impacted period and used the e-signing functionality, you may wish to check your records are in order.

In the event the Public Officer consent has not been signed subsequently, via another channel, you can proceed with one of the below options:

  1. Attached at the bottom of this article, is a blank template for your use, noting that it will need to be printed, completed and signed by the relevant Public Officer, or
  2. Upon request, our Support team can recreate the Company Registration documents and make them available on the NowInfinity platform for you to resend for e-signing (noting that all the registration documents would need to be re-signed), or
  3. Navigate to Menu > Completed Documents, and click on the Company Name. Click into the "Minutes" PDF document, and from here you can print applicable page to then send to your client for 'manual' signing:

If further assistance is required, contact the team via online chat, at 1300 851 057 or info@nowinfinity.com.au.


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