Auto-Generated Trust Distribution Minutes

For many of NowInfinity's clients, the end of the financial year means the creation of Trust Distribution Minutes. 
You may find in your Saved Documents page, that NowInfinity has auto-generated Trust Distribution Minutes for you in Draft status. 

NowInfinity will have generated these Trust Distribution Minutes for you if:

  • There is an active Discretionary Trust in your Trust Register
  • No Trust Distribution Minutes have been ordered for the Trust in the past 3 months
  • The Discretionary Trust ordered a Trust Distribution Minute last year

If you wish to use these documents you will need to complete the interview form for the documentation to be generated. If you do not require these forms, you can delete them through the Saved Documents page via the bin icon. 

Accessing and completing Trust Distribution Minutes

Via Menu > Saved Documents

  1. Navigate to Menu > Saved Documents

Via Menu > Trust Documentation within the Trust Registry

  1. Navigate to Menu > Trust Documentation

  2. Select the name of the Company to open the form
  3. You will find the majority of the questions are prefilled, based on the previous year's Trust Distribution Minutes that were ordered via the portal
  4. If the information is correct, click "Complete" on the Ready to Submit tab
  5. If you are paying for a monthly subscription, you will be routed to the collaboration page where you can download the documents. Alternatively, if you are on a PAYG or Per Entity subscription, you will be required to pay before documents are generated


Where has NowInfinity based this information?

From the Trust Distribution Minutes prepared last year.

We have a Discretionary Trust recorded in the Trust Register, but there is no system generated Trust Distribution Minute? 

Only Discretionary Trust that ordered a Trust Distribution Minutes last year have been auto-generated through this feature.

Do I need to pay for this?

If you pay for a monthly subscription, this document will be included in your subscription. If you are on a PAYG or Per Entity subscription, you will be required to pay before documents are generated. 
Tip: If you see a price next to the Trust Distribution Resolution document heading on the Create Document page, this means the document is not included in your subscription, and you will be required to pay that amount. 

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