Changes to Service Provisions

Below are details of changes to the services provided relating to:

Manual Document Ordering 

Service Provision:  Clients using Reckon Docs’ offline facility (i.e. not via the online platform) to order documents. 

What has changed: This service will not be carried over to NowInfinity.  All NowInfinity’s 70+ legal documents and services are 100% cloud-based and available via the platform. 

What does this mean for you: Once your NowInfinity account is set up, all documents will be available to order on demand via the platform.  The local Support team is available for your assistance via online chat, email and phone. Live webinars are also run weekly for training on the documents and navigating the platform.

Outsourced ASIC Agent 

Service Provision:  Clients using Reckon Docs’ outsourced ASIC Agent service to manage corporate compliance. 

What has changed: This service will not be carried over to NowInfinity.  Corporate Messenger is NowInfinity’s leading ASIC compliance solution.  

What does this mean for you: You can either lodge using your ASIC Agent ID on the ASIC website or use your ASIC EDGE details on Corporate Messenger. Practices can subscribe to NowInfinity’s Corporate Messenger service for $8.80 per company per annum, GST inclusive, and instantly have all ASIC affairs under control.  

InfoTrack (Reckon Search) 

Service Provision:  Clients using the InfoTrack search service via the Reckon Docs’ platform. 

Update: This service will not be carried over to NowInfinity.  

What does this mean for you: Clients requiring this service can go directly to 

30-Day Payment Terms 

Service Provision:  Clients using Reckon Docs’ 30-Day Payment Terms facility. 

Update: The 30-Day Payment Terms facility will not be available on NowInfinity. 

What does this mean for you: You can sign up to NowInfinity on a PAYG basis and purchase documents via Direct Debit or Credit Card.  

Domain Registration 

Service Provision:  Clients using Reckon Docs’ Domain Registration service. 

Update: This service will not be carried over to NowInfinity. 

What does this mean for you: Gdirect to domain registration services of your choosing

List of documents on Reckon Docs not available on NowInfinity  

Note: Any service that cannot be completed on the online platform can be serviced through client legal review, provided by NowInfinity’s legal services provider, DGF Morgan. 

  • Company - SMSF Special Purpose (strategist) 
  • Company - Replacement Company Register 
  • Company - Company Seal
  • Discretionary Trust - Hybrid 
  • Discretionary Trust - Change of Principal/Appointor 
  • Discretionary Trust - Change of Guardian 
  • Discretionary Trust - Change of Beneficiaries 
  • Discretionary Trust - Deed of Confirmation
  • Unit Trust  Standard 
  • Unit Trust  Hybrid 
  • Unit Trust  Founder 
  • Unit Trust - Change of Unit Holding Details 
  • Unit Trust - Deed of Confirmation 
  • SMSF - Trust Deed (strategist)
  • SMSF - Deed of Confirmation Shareholder Agreements 
  • Unit Holders Agreements
  • Power of Attorney 

Full list of document inclusions on NowInfinity

This is available in Documents & Product Inclusions. 

Space Saver boxes

Service Provision:  Purchase of empty Space Saver boxes

Update: Space Saver boxes will not be available for purchase from NowInfinity. 

What does this mean for you: When ordering printing of your documents you can select Slimline. Slimline is the NowInfinity equivalent of Space Saver.




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