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Frequently asked questions

Question: What is changing?

Answer: NowInfinity is expanding its legal capability and bandwidth to meet the increasing demand from the client base. NowInfinity is pleased to introduce DGF Morgan & Associates, Solicitors and Attorneys, as our newest legal services’ provider to the group and will commence providing legal services as of Monday, 19th April 2021.

DGF Morgan & Associates will be responsible for maintaining NowInfinity’s legal document templates, providing day-to-day client legal support on our legal documents, and available for client legal advice referrals.

Barrister Denis Barlin, of 13 Wentworth Chambers, continues his services to NowInfinity and remains responsible for providing and maintaining the variety of legal document templates on the platform.

Mosaic Tax Legal will be transitioning out at the end of April, closing out open support and client legal advice requests. We thank James Meli for his contribution to NowInfinity’s success.

DGF Morgan & Associates

DGF Morgan & Associates is a trusted commercial law firm based in Sydney. Since 1994, their team has provided legal services in areas including equity & trusts, superannuation law, corporate and commercial law, property law, wills & estates and taxation. The firm’s clients include private companies, public companies, SMEs, individuals, not-for-profit entities, and industry bodies. DGF Morgan & Associates also has extensive experience in drafting legal template documents.


Question: Why are the legal providers changing on NowInfinity?

Answer: We provide a technology solution for the delivery of legal document templates that have been prepared and maintained by our legal providers. We also maintain a help desk that can be used to access legal services provided to you by our legal providers. As we are not a legal services provider, it is important for us to continue to seek different capabilities and scale for our growing client base in order to deliver an industry-best service. This requires us to change our legal providers from time to time.

Question: Will the NowInfinity services be affected by the change in legal providers?

Answer: All NowInfinity services will be “business as usual” during the changeover period. Legal advice services will be maintained and finalised directly by the legal provider at the time of engagement.

In the event our legal document templates require updating for new features, any changes will be communicated to our clients via our newsletters and release notes.

We are taking this opportunity to review all our legal document templates, incorporate the best features from our Reckon Docs business, and deliver to our clients the “best-in-industry” set of legal document templates.

Question: Which legal providers will be assisting queries raised in the legal support help desk channel?

Answer: DGF Morgan & Associates, led by David Morgan, will deliver to our client’s legal support and advice via our legal support help desk channel.

Legal terms and conditions can be found on our website here. 

It is important to note that client legal advice is only accessible via our legal support channel.  Any such advice is provided to you directly by the legal providers and is subject to their terms and conditions.  We are not responsible for the provision of the content or appropriateness of, such advice.

Question: Whose professional indemnity (PI) covers what?

Answer: It is possible that our legal provider's professional indemnity insurance may cover you for any damages you incur in relation to a legal document template. This is not something we can advise on and you would need to seek your own legal advice. Our liability is described in our agreement with you, and we maintain professional indemnity insurance to support claims where we may be liable for a loss.

Question: Will the change of legal providers affect the validity of the legal document templates?

Answer: Our legal document templates, as provided by Denis Barlin and maintained by our Legal service providers from time-to-time, remain licenced to NowInfinity and therefore will not affect our ability to facilitate our services to our clients.

As with any legal document templates, consideration should be given as to whether they are appropriate for your client’s circumstances.

NowInfinity will be re-releasing the Client Legal Review framework to enable you to obtain specific fixed-fee legal advice in relation to any of the documents prepared on our platform through our legal providers. Until then, client legal advice via our legal support channel, is available.

Our goal at NowInfinity, is to provide you with the best possible starting point prepared and reviewed by lawyers who are experts in their field.

Given we provide a technology solution for the delivery of legal document templates and are not a legal services provider, we are unable to provide legal advice.

For further guidance please review the following articles:

Contact details for Legal Support

How to request a legal review of documents generated via NowInfinity 

Question: Who can I speak to about questions on my existing documents previously completed by NowInfinity?

Answer: If you have any questions relating to your existing documents, you can organise a review of your documents by our legal services provider through our legal support help desk.

Your existing documents will have been produced using templates prepared and maintained by our legal provider at the time you generated the document. Laws do change however, and our legal providers may have made updates to the templates since your documents were produced to deal with them.  As with all legal documents you will need to consider if your existing documents need to be updated or replaced over time. Our current legal services provider is available via client legal support and client legal advice to assist.

Question: Who can I speak to about questions on my existing documents previously completed by Reckon Docs?

Answer: Whilst you are on the Reckon Docs platform, PGG Legal will continue to provide your day-to-day legal advice. Post transition to the NowInfinity platform, our expanded legal advice capability will be available to clients, serviced by DGF Morgan & Associates, Solicitors and Attorneys.

Question: Will there be any changes to the Terms & Conditions?

Answer: Our Terms & Conditions has been updated to reflect our arrangements with our new legal providers as well as current industry best practice. If you have any queries regarding our Terms & Conditions, please feel free to contact us via email at support@nowinfinity.com.au.

Question: Will there be any changes to the Privacy Policy?

Answer: Our Privacy Policy has been updated to reflect the circumstances in which and the purposes for which we collect, use and disclose personal information. If you have any queries regarding our Privacy Policy or how we handle your personal information, you can contact our Privacy Officer via email at support@nowinfinity.com.au. 

Question: Will there be any changes to our document suites offered on NowInfinity?

Answer: NowInfinity continues to provide world class services by expanding our product offerings to our customers. Updates on new service offerings can be found on our website.

Legal Provider Bios

David Morgan

David Morgan is the founding Director of DGF Morgan & Associates. David has over 40 years’ experience in drafting deeds, constitutions, contracts and many other legal documents. David also advises on business structures, asset protection and tax-related issues, estate planning, testamentary trusts, a range of commercial and property work, trusts, and superannuation. David is a member of the Law Society of New South Wales, the National Tax and Accountants’ Association and is a Chartered Tax Advisor and a Fellow of the Tax Institute Australia and sits as the Chair of a professional disciplinary tribunal.


William Soo

William Soo joined DGF Morgan & Associates in 2012. William was admitted as a solicitor in NSW in 2008 after completing a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Medical Science from University of Technology Sydney. William advises on property transactions (residential and commercial), commercial transactions, estate planning, corporate governance, trusts, SMSFs and issues ranging from stamp duty, superannuation legal compliance and LRBA compliance.

Spencer Land

Spencer Land completed his Juris Doctor at University Sydney and also holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Alberta. Spencer has been admitted as a solicitor in the Supreme Court of NSW. Since joining the firm in 2017, Spencer has worked in corporate and commercial law. Spencer advises on a range of business structures, tax-related issues, commercial transactions, corporate governance matters, trusts, and superannuation.

Vivienne Turner

Vivienne Turner has over 30 years’ experience as a solicitor. Vivienne advises industry bodies, private sector groups, and companies and individuals in areas of corporate and commercial contracts, property law, wills & estates, succession planning, and intellectual property.

Denis Barlin

Denis Barlin has extensive experience practicing in the areas of Commercial Law, Corporations Law, Equity & Trusts, Superannuation and Tax & Revenue Law. Denis is also a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) and widely published. Previously, Denis was Solicitor Director at SBN Lawyers, Partner at Cosoff Cudmore Knox, Solicitor at Corrs Chambers Westgarth, and Tax Consultant at Greenwoods & Freehills.




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