How to prepare a Dividend Statement

  1. Navigate to Menu > Companies > Select the company you wanted to create a DIVIDEND STATEMENT for and click SEE FULL PROFILE
  2. On the Profile > All Forms > Share management > DIVIDEND STATEMENT
  3. Fill out the form with the following details:
      • Date of Declaration
      • Proposed Payment Date
      • Dividend type
      • Payment type
      • Are dividends split equally between all share classes?
      • Amount
      • What Percentage of the Distribution is Franked?
      • Does discounted rate of 25% for small business apply?
      • Chairperson
      • Documentation to Generate
      • Meeting Address
  4. Complete the document to generate the document

Note: If you would like to amend the documents, you may use the Edit Online tool.

How to edit a document using Online Editor

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