What's New March 2021

New Releases

Corporate Messenger

  • We have made multiple changes to how our system connects and communicates with ASIC on a daily basis. As a result, users should see fewer instances of delayed lodgements when lodging documents with ASIC.
  • We have removed the Corporate Shareholders Details tab from both Dividend Statements and 2205 Forms reducing data entry requirements - users now only need to provide the necessary information required to produce these documents.
  • We have made improvements to Bundle Changes to ensure deceased Directors/Secretaries can be easily removed from multiple companies - removing the need to complete these forms individually.

Trust Register (Beta)

  • We have improved the minute generation process for Issue of Unit documents - the system will automatically combine multiple issues to a single resolution if the date of issue is the same on all transactions. Where the date of the issue is different the system will generate separate resolutions.


Corporate Messenger

  • We fixed a bug where the logo embedded into the electronic signing email template didn't follow formatting rules and was automatically switching to be left-aligned.
  • We fixed a bug where clicking on a document that was electronically signed would incorrectly display an unsigned version.

Documentation Suite

  • For Company Registrations - you will no longer be able to inadvertently change the selection for Printing Options where the company registration was rejected by ASIC ensuring there are no differences in amounts charged for services provided.
  • We fixed a bug where no-invoice was being generated for completed company registration orders.
  • We fixed a bug where the chairperson was being listed as N/A on a TRIS to Account-Based Pension document.
  • Fixed an issue where options to sign a Standard Company document was not available from the collaboration page.
  • We fixed an issue where signatories where being merged for separate individuals associated with an entity as they had the same First and Last name.


  • We fixed an issue where an error message on the ABN application form would display when the user tries to Cancel/Exit the form.
  • We fixed an issue where some users where getting an error message "Cannot upload file to Onedrive" when using the Online Word Editor.
  • We have fixed an issue where the terms and conditions link would not open in a new window when signing up to a new NowInfinity account.
  • We have made some changes to how merchant fee surcharge is displayed when a credit card is selected to pay for purchases.
  • We fixed an issue where some customers were getting an unknown error 500 when pushing an newly established SMSF into Class Super.
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