What should I do when a Trustee's legal name has changed?

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What should I do when a Trustee's legal name has changed (i.e. due to marriage, legal name change)? 


Generally, a change of name can be acknowledged by the trustee/s of the Trust at a meeting (i.e. in turn, producing minutes) after receiving, for example, a change of name certificate or marriage certificate - third parties would generally accept these sorts of documents as proof that the relevant party (whose name has changed) is one and the same. 

However, we understand that some third parties (like banks) have their own internal policies requiring you to produce documentation in the form of a deed to confirm the change of name. If this is the case, email legal@nowinfinity.com.au to be referred to our legal services provider who can assist on a fee-for-service basis. Please send through a signed copy of the original deed, (if amended) amending deeds, exact details relating to the name change, and accompanying documents. 


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